Project Management of the infrastructure and buildings of the ExpoZaragoza 2008

Eptisa managed the fulfilment of the terms, qualities and budget planned
Sector Major Events (Buildings, Energy and Industry)
CountrySpain (Europe)


Eptisa, as Head Project Manager, has the mission of guarantee the fulfillment of the terms, qualities and budgets planned, coordinating and integrating the group of equipments in the correct action.

On the whole, the works affects all the Ranillas Meander, a delimited area by the Ebro River and the Ranillas Avenue and divided by the Ronda del Rabal, that joints the area with the other bank of the Ebro through the singular Millenium Bridge. Altogether there are 150 hectares, from which 25 are only for the Expo and the rest are for public spaces and gardens of the called Metropolitan Park of Water. The final aim is to leave some facilities that can be useful to the city after the closure of the Exposition, and help its future growth. In construction terms, the exhibition site has:

  • The Water Tower
  • The group of buildings that will be organized within a general superstructure that will have the pavilions.
  • The Aragon and Spain Pavilions.
  • A Congress Palace
  • The biggest freshwater aquarium in Europe
  • The Bridge Pavilion.
  • And a series of buildings for offices of the Expo Zaragoza 2008 Society, a thermal power plant (hot and cold) and a transform sub-station, a police office...

Also, the join venture EPTISA-SECI has the responsibility to coordinate and control the integral management of other works in the city that different administrations have awarded to the Expo water Zaragoza 2008 Society, as for example:

  • The Metropolitan Park of Water.
  • The construction of the damp of the river Ebro and the passage Vadorrey.
  • The recuperations of riverbeds of the Ebro next to the Stone Bridge.
  • The works of the sailing of the river as well as the Nautical Club.

EPTISA and SECI were also responsible for the redaction of the Works Logistic Plan for all the tenders of the Expo and, nowadays, are responsible too of this management. EPTISA Works in various actions of adapting of the riverbeds of the Ebro, among other Works for public and private clients in Zaragoza.