Preparation of Detailed Design and Bidding Documents for construction of the Ruisi-Rikoti Section of the E-60 Highway

Upgrading several segments of the East-West highway
Sector Roads (Transport)
CountryGeorgia (Europe)


The Government of Georgia requested the World Bank's assistance in upgrading several segments of the East-West highway. The section between Ruisi and Rikoti of approximately 49 km is a two-lane carriageway road, which passes through mountainous and flat terrain. The investment was intended for upgrading the section from 2-lane to 4-lane highway.

Deterioration of transport infrastructure increases cost of doing business, deters foreign investments, hampers transit traffic growth, and leaves segments of the population out of mainstream economic activities.

A complete detailed design is carried out in order to select the most optimal alignment for the Ruisi to Rikoti road section, giving the Government of Georgia the best alignment option.