Monitored sounding system for continuous deformation monitoring using fibre optic sensors

Tunnel of the Hospitalet - La Torrassa section (Barcelona)
Sector Urban Works (Instrumentation and monitoring)
CountrySpain (Europe)


Eptisa carries out the implantation of a Monitored Sounding System for the continuous deformation monitoring inside the tunnel of the Hospitalet - La Torrassa stretch, within the framework of the contract for "Services for the post-construction instrumentation, sounding and monitoring of the Madrid - Zaragoza - Barcelona - French border high-speed line entrance tunnels to Barcelona".

The final objective is the continuous, monitored distributed sounding using an automatic and autonomous system, based on new fibre optics sensors pioneering on Spain, which enables the tracking and verification of the stress-deformation behaviour of the tunnel along the full length of the infrastructure during the operation phase.