Modernization of the Penitentiary System of the Republic of Panama

- European Comission

Institutional Strengthening Project of the Ministry of Government and Justice of the Republic of Panama through the modernization of the penitentiary system.
CountryPanama (America)


The general aim of the Project is to contribute to the consolidation of the State of Rights in Panama a and also to collaborate in the improvement the conditions of the convicts' human right.

The specific objective is the improvement of the Penitentiary System efficiency and to get that this system fulfills its two main functions: guarantee the internal security within the penitentiary centres and the rehabilitation and social reinsertion of those deprived of liberty.

The Project is focused in five components:

  • Institutional Strengthening of the Penitentiary System General Directorates
  • Improvement in the fulfillment of the legal guarantees of those without liberty.
  • Improvement of health conditions for the convicts
  • Development of the convicts' rehabilitation system
  • Improvement in the management of the internal security of the prison facilities.

The beneficiaries of the Project are the Penitentiary System General Directorate and the Public Defender's Office which depend on the Judicial Organism. As well, there are a series of factors that, in some way, will affect or will be affected by the penitentiary reform and with which the project will work hand in hand. These are: the Judicial Organism, the National Police, the main Faculties of law in Panama City, the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and its medical and paramedical staff attached to the project, the National Institute of Professional Formation (INAFORP) and the Ministry of Education.