Management and supervision of the ISPA contracts in Craiova

The two phases of the project offer assistance to the Beneficiary in the procurement and management process of the ISPA Craiova Measure and ensures supervision of the works contracts, according to FIDIC conditions of the contract.
Duration Phase I: January 2002 - May 2009 & Phase II: May 2009 - July 2012
Sector Water Treatment Plants (Water and Environment)
CountryRomania (Europe)


The global objective of this Project is to improve the environmental infrastructure of Craiova in Rumania, the aim is to reach the due obligations according to the Adhesion Treaty guaranteeing a correct management and a successful implementation of ISPA programme, reinforcing the management capacity of the water company and providing services of quality supervision.

In the first phase, the tender documents for the WWTP have been review; support was delivered throughout the tendering process for the works contracts and the technical specifications have been elaborated for the services contracts regarding the private-public partnership in the water supply and sewage services sector.

Support have been given for reinforcement of the Oltenia Water Company management capacity for operation and maintenance, water sampling and programs monitoring, financial management, costs reduction, strengthening the organization and operation capacity of laboratories.

The feasibility study had been prepared and the strategy and related action plan for leak detection had been developed.

The second phase continued the supervision activities for the three works contracts:

  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of the WWTP for 385.000 EP (investment value: 25.996.214 Euro, works supervision according to FIDIC Yellow Book);
  • Rehabilitation of 30 km and extension of 55 km of the sewer network (investment value: 25.892.491 Euro, works supervision according to FIDIC Red Book);
  • Rehabilitation of the drinking water supply system of approximately 50 km of network (investment value: 19.744.881 Euro, works supervision according to FIDIC Red Book).

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