Introduction of an Automatic Hydrological Information System in the Guadiana basin

- Guadiana Basin Authority (Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadiana)

Collaboration with the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation technically supporting and supervising the introduction of the control nodes of the network in the basin
Sector Hydrological Planning (Water and Environment)
CountrySpain (Europe)


Consultancy and technical support to install the control network in the hydraulic resource of the Guadiana river basin and basic infrastructures of the Automatic Hydrologic Information System that is being introduced in this basin.

The introduction of this automatic system tries to increase the available information and to be obtained in real time about the resources of the basin. Also is tried that this information becomes a wide and accessible information resource for future planning.

Basin area: 60,361 Km2. Population: 1,681,235 people.


  • Technical support to define the system.
  • Technical studies to support the introduction.
  • Follow up and control of the introduction.