International Technical Assistance For The Biodiversity Sustainable Conservation Support Program (PACSBio)

The contract is part of the PACSBio, which has as aim the biodiversity conservation and the sustainable development in Bolivia
Sector Public Financial Management & Budget Support (Institutional, Economic and Social Development)
Social & Environmental Sustainability (Institutional, Economic and Social Development)
CountryBolivia (America)


The aim of the program is the biodiversity conservation and the sustainable development in Bolivia, thus supporting the Bolivian policies, in conformity with the Protected Areas (PAs), developed under the Protected Areas National System (PANS).

Eptisa provides a long term international Technical Assistance in order to give a support to the Environment, Biodiversity, Climatic Changes and Forests Development Management Vice Ministry (EVM) and the PANSER for the inter-sector set up, the institutional strengthening in the entire management cycle – planning, funds management, programming; budgeting, execution, control and evaluation- in regards with the SPSP (Sector Policy Support Program) instrument and the visibility.

It also supports the environmental management and monitoring of the SNZP through he Digital Observatory of APs (DOPA)22 in Bolivia, for the conservation of the biodiversity APs through the Common Center of Research of the European Community (CCI).