Implementation of the pilot phase of the project "Territorial cartography in Mozambique"

Institutional strengthening of the Cartographic and Telecommunications National Centre


The project consists of strengthening the institutional capacities of the Cartographic and Telecommunications National Centre of Mozambique (CENACARTA), which is in charge of the collection, storage and processing of cartographic and satellite images within the country.

The institutional strengthening will be carry out through the procurement of modern equipment and training on technology transfer at national level, as well as the creation of a database of georeferenced data to produce topographical cartography at 1:25,000 scale and update the existing cartography at 1:50,000. The project seeks to cover the needs of different sectors within the country: cadastre, agriculture, transport infrastructure, geographic information systems, energy and telecommunications, among others.

The project will consist of three phases. The Pilot phase will involve the procurement of equipment, software and satellite images, the starting of cartographic production, technology transfer, training and testing of proposed methodology. The Production phase comprises the extension of cartographic production to other locations different to the pilot zones within Mozambique, and the assumption of responsibilities in the production process by the client’s staff. Finally, the project will conclude with a consolidation phase.