Implementation of the Integrated Geographic Information System

Development of an Integrated Geographic Information System for the Drinking Water and Sewerage Service of Lime (SEDAPAL)
Sector Geographic Information Systems (Information Technology)


The first objective of the Information System, based on ArcGIS Esri technology, is to homogenize and integrate all the geographic information into an only database which currently SEDAPAL manages in different formats, methods and coordinate. Furthermore it will be developed GIS applications for the network management and the integration with all commercial and operational systems of the company.

The main objectives covered by the solution are:

  • Reduce time, costs and efforts on operational and commercial management
  • Improve communication between the managers of the company for taking decisions on behalf of the population in order to improve the quality of services and modernize the management.
  • Integrate graphic and alphanumeric information corresponding to commercial land cadastre current networks, to create the geographical core of the existing GIS software in SEDAPAL.
  • Optimize integration with commercial, operational, financial and land activities.
  • Standardization, development and corporate access to digital mapping and metadata management that facilitates database administration.


  • Planning and project management. Defining and installing required hardware and software architecture.
  • Defining the data models of the solution.
  • Migration from an information pilot to the proposed data model and development of a migration planning for all the network data subsequently address the complete migration of both networks.
  • Developing of custom functionalities.
  • Integrating the GIS with the commercial and operational systems of the company.
  • Training sessions for administrators and users of the information system.
  • System commissioning
  • Support for 2 months post-implantation
  • Maintenance for the first year (12 months)