Geoforma Project - Supporting the Development of Geo-Scientific Cartography in Morocco

The project consists of a technical assistance to the Ministry of Mines and Energy in order to enhance the development of geoscientific mapping in the Kingdom


The main project tasks involve:

  1. GEO System implementation: Installation of an integrated & coherent computerised system in order to provide the National Direction for Geology & its Regional Centres with the necessary technology to carry out the geo-scientific mapping of the country.
  2. Staff training: Training was provided to approximately 130 representatives from the Ministry as well as from the 4 Regional Centres. In this task Eptisa promoted the use of geo-scientific cartographic tools (GIS) among the potential public and private entities that could benefit from it by providing support and training for installation of a GIS in the Ministry of Mines and in 4 Regional Centres, as well as management to the execution of 8 geological cartography maps and design. Eptisa is also carrying out some public awareness campaigns in the most important regions of the country and forming a group of experts inside the Ministry that could train other entities after the project is over.
  3. Institutional support & strengthening: The existing structures of the Ministry of Mines and Energy are way below the necessary for the correct and efficient implementation of this project. This is why Eptisa is carrying out an institutional strengthening program for the Ministry of Mines and Energy, which included training to Ministry staff. Eptisa promoted the formation of a project implementation unit inside the Ministry that will coordinate all actions in this project and will ensure the results are satisfactory.