Extension and rehabilitation of the wastewater treatment plant in Zimnicea agglomeration, Teleorman County

- S.C. Apa Serv S.A. Alexandria

This is the first project in Romania where Eptisa performs both design and execution of the works for the rehabilitation of a wastewater treatment plant, respectively of Zimnicea WWTP, with a total capacity of 14.800 EP.
Sector Water Treatment Plants (Water and Environment)
CountryRomania (Europe)


In the first phase, it shall be elaborated the documentation for obtaining the building permit. Afterwards, the demolition and construction works for the new technological objectives shall be executed, as well as the automation and implementation of a SCADA system, and also equipment acquisition and their installation.

After the construction works are finalized, Eptisa shall train the operational personnel of the Beneficiary on the operation and maintenance of the new plant for obtaining the optimum operational parameters.

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