Extension and Modernisation of the Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in Bistrita-Nasaud County

The purpose of the project is to improve the water/wastewater infrastructure in Bistrita-Nasaud County, for compliance with the requirements of SOP Environment and European Directives on drinking water quality.
Duration February 2011 - December 2015
Sector Hydraulic Infrastructure (Water and Environment)
Water Treatment Plants (Water and Environment)
CountryRomania (Europe)


Eptisa as a Consultant offers technical assistance to the Contracting Authority, SC AQUABIS SA, by providing supervision services for seven works contracts in Bistrita, Nasaud, Salva, Sangeorz, Feldru and Maieru localities, for the extension and modernization of the water and sewage systems, as it follows:

  • Rehabilitation of the water distribution and sewage networks in Bistrita and of the water distribution and intakes in the localities within Bistrita water supply system;
  • Design and execution of the wastewaters treatment station and of the transfer collectors for Bistrita, Beclean, Salva and Sangeorz-Bai clusters;
  • Rehabilitation and extension of the water pipes and drinking water intakes within Bistrita water supply system;
  • Extension of the water supply and sewage systems in Beclean area;
  • Design and execution of the new treatment station for Beclean locality;
  • Rehabilitation and extension of water distribution and sewage networks in Nasaud, Salva, Sangeorz-Bai and Maieru localities; water intakes for Rebra-Nasaud and Maieru localities
  • Extension of the water distribution, sewage networks and treatment station in Feldru.

The supervision of works shall be done in compliance with the Law no. 10/1995 for quality in constructions and of FIDIC Contract Conditions – Yellow and Red Book, Edition 1999.

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