Environmental Impact Assessment in 4 rayons of Azerbaijan

The selected rayons are Agsu, Ismayilli, Devechi and Siyazan
Sector Natural Environment (Water and Environment)
CountryAzerbaijan (Europe)


The objective of this assignment is to conduct individual Environmental Impact Assessments for Aghsu, Ismayili, Devechi and Siyazan Rayons investment components to be carried out under the project, in accordance with the requirements of the World Bank Operation Policy 4.01 on “Environmental Assessment”.


  • Assessment of current environmental status of Agsu, Ismayilli, Devechi and Siyazan
  • Review proposed investment designs, and existing studies and information related to the environmental conditions in and around the project areas
  • Identification of potential environmental, social impacts
  • Carry out of an Environment Impact Assessment “EIA”
  • Review of the existing environmental studies
  • Elaboration of Environmental Management Plan.
  • Preparation of reports on the progress of the work and a final report
  • Project management and backstopping.