Ecocity Valdespartera, Zaragoza

Consultancy Services, Project Draft and Technical Assistance to the Management, Control and Supervision of the Construction Works in the Residential Urbanization Sector 89/4 Valdespartera
Sector Buildings (Buildings, Energy and Industry)
Energy (Buildings, Energy and Industry)
CountrySpain (Europe)


Ecocity Valdespartera is a residential urbanization project that has been totally designed and constructed to achieve environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability, through energy efficiency (decreasing energy consumptions and using renewable energies), decreasing urban waste and emissions and efficient use of resources (water and energy).

The Ecocity is located at the south of the town of Zaragoza, with 9.687 homes in an area of 243.2 hectares.

Related to the Urban Development Plan:

  • Rectangular blocks in direction east-west, and suitable orientation of the buildings to favor their solar capture, preferably south orientation.
  • Enough distance between buildings in relation to their height, in order that the shade of a building doesn´t interfere in the solar capture of the contiguous building façade.
  • Collocation of walls or buildings in front of the winds.

Related to the architectural design of the buildings:

  • Different treatment of the fronts, according to their orientation
  • Installation of glass-enclosed galleries on the southern façades, which are used as passive collectors,as well as architectural elements that protect from the direct solar radiation on the windows.
  • Installation of smaller windows in the north fronts, with landscape disposition.
  • Flat roofs for more effective installation of solar panels and double front with crossed ventilation

Related to the constructive system:

  • Materials with high levels of isolation, materials with enough accumulated capacity and sustainable materials.

Related to the Heating installations and sanitary hot water:

  • Gas central heating boilers for generation of heating and sanitary hot water.
  • Solar panels on flat roofs of buildings for reaching energy savings in the production of heating and sanitary hot water.

Related to the urbanization improvements:

  • Independent sewage networks: rain water and waste water.
  • Storm tanks pump the first contaminated rain water to the waste water network.
  • Independent water supply networks: drinking water and irrigation water.
  • Public light network uses a reduced lighting system with static reduction stabilizers and control and communication modules.
  • Urban spaces: green areas with autochthonous plants of low consumption, street furniture with recycled materials, wifi network.

Pneumatic Waste Collection System

Remote control network to achieve:

  • Control of consumptions and flows of municipal networks: sewage, water supply, public light, pneumatic waste collection
  • Climatological data collection.
  • Homes monitoring: thermal comfort, gas, electricity
  • Information available for management, analysis, monitoring, action and dissemination.


Eptisa’s technical assistance activities were completed in December 2010. The works included the writing of the projects, direction of work, control, monitoring, and technical assistance to the client, corresponding to the works of urbanization (phases I-II-III), Generals Systems (phases I-II-III), network of remote control and remote management of urban services, network of pneumatic waste collection, and supervision of the construction of the Centre for Sustainable Urban development of Valdespartera 89/4 Sector (Zaragoza).