Development of a joint ambient air quality management program for the boundary Bulgarian-Romanian regions along the lower Danube

A joint air quality management program had been elaborated for the Romanian Region along the Bulgarian border of the Lower Danube River.
Sector Industrial Environment (Water and Environment)
CountryRomania (Europe)


The calibrated dispersion model and the sampling methods had been evaluated as well as the data transfer. The results of the air quality monitoring dispersion models had been analysed and a model had been recommended. A transboundary air pollution guide had been elaborated and additional monitoring activities had been proposed for certain parameters and also for removing other previously monitored parameters.

A complete air quality evaluation had been done for Giurgiu, Calarasi, Turnu Magurele and Zimnicea (15 polluters). The emissions inventory had been revised and completed and recommendations had been made for the application of the QA/ QC procedures and emissions monitoring.

Adequate measures for emissions reduction had been analysed and recommended and a financial analysis for the implementation of the proposed measures had been made.

Short term and long term action plans for air quality management had been elaborated for each of the 4 localities, as well as a joint Air Quality Management Program for the Boundary Romanian-Bulgarian.

The air Emissions trends and air quality trend scenario for 2007-2015 had been estimated. An awareness seminar, two training sessions on air quality monitoring and management, two meetings of the working groups and one seminar on PRAG contracting regulations had been organized.

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