Developing capacity in the implementation and enforcement of environmental legislation through ECENA and IMPEL

The project offered assistance for the strengthening of the institutional capacity of the environmental authorities in 4 countries: Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria and Turkey
Sector Natural Environment (Water and Environment)
CountryBulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Croatia (Europe)


The development of the implementation capacity and application of the environmental Acquis were considered by supporting the countries' participation in ECENA and IMPEL activities.

Training sessions of the environmental local and regional inspectors were organized for discussions on the Environmental Directives identified as priorities by each beneficiary country, Eptisa providing technical and administrative support for the efficient participation of the beneficiary countries to this event.

Study tours were organized in EU member states, institutional analysis were done and country reports were elaborated for Croatia and Turkey. Also, a training manual was elaborated for the beneficiary institutions.

As a result of this project, a better understanding and implementation of the legal provisions in the environmental protection field was achieved.

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