Detailed design of three sections of the new railway line for passengers and goods between the cities of Relizane, Tiaret and Timssemsilt in Algeria

The detailed design includes the 2B, 3A and 7A sections with 10 km in length
Sector Railways (Transport)
CountryAlgeria (Africa)


The project located in Algeria includes the detailed design of the new railway line for passengers and goods between the cities of Realizane, Tiaret and Tissemsilt. They are part of the track and platform layout design, earthworks, design of esplanade, ballast and sub-ballast, cross and longitudinal drainage, track superstructure, railway and non-railway facilities, replacement of affected services and structural protection of gas pipelines near the layout.

It also includes the highway and road design cut off by the new railway line and their replacement guaranteeing cross permeability. The layout, earthworks, pavements, drainage and road replacement signalling will be analyzed during the process. The geotechnical study related to earthworks and slope stability in the railway layout and road layout, as well as the analysis of parameters of design and recommendations of structures foundation are part of the detailed design.

The project involves the design of two railway stations (Mendes and Rahouia stations) at both building design level (architectural and structural design) and related facilities design level. It is also included in the project the design of the adjoining areas to the building for vehicles, buses and taxis parking.