Design and Supervision Consultancy for Improvement of Water Supply and Sewerage System under Component 3 in Kyrgyzstan

Project to improve water supply and sanitation in the cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad and in Bazar-Korgon
Sector Hydraulic Infrastructure (Water and Environment)
Water Treatment Plants (Water and Environment)
CountryKyrgyzstan (Asia and the Middle East)


The objective of this ADB funded project is to improve water supply and sanitation in the cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad and in Bazar-Korgon. Under the water supply system, it is expected to rehabilitate water supply intake works, rehabilitate or new-construct transmission lines from intake to the treatment plants and reservoir. Similarly, under the sewerage system, it is expected to rehabilitate or new-construct the sewerage treatment plants and main sewer lines.

The objectives of this project is to prepare the detailed design and cost estimates, develop contract packages, and supervise the construction of the civil, mechanical and electrical works related to the water source improvement and protection, transmission lines, water treatment plants, WWTPs, and main sewer lines.


The following are the main activities expected to be covered by this project:

Osh City Water Supply Improvements:

1) Plotina Intake: Rehabilitation of the new intake constructed in 2009/10, but not commissioned, to include site security, flood protection and rehabilitation and/or completion of works for the intake structure.

2) Transmission Line: Construction of a new transmission line from the Plotina Intake to the current WTP at Ozgor of approximate length 7.2 Km, to include connection to the new transmission line to the Reservoir at the Brick Factory.

3) Water Treatment Facility at Ozgor: Assess the condition of the current WTP at Ozgor for rehabilitation and compare with a new build WTP to be constructed at the Brick Factory Reservoir, as a comparison for approval of most cost effective solution.

4) Pumping Station at Ozgor: Rehabilitation of the current and unused pumping station to connect between the new Transmission line at 2) above, and the current transmission line to the Brick Factory Reservoir.

5) Reservoir at the Brick Factory: Rehabilitation of the 6,000 cubic metre reservoir to include installation of a bacteriological treatment facility to meet potable water drinking standards. Analysis of the geo-technical situation at the Reservoir site to investigate the risk of potential landslide.

Jalal-Abad City Water Supply and Sewerage Improvements:

1) Drilling Deep Tube Wells at Prigorod Place to provide a system of water-supply including reservoirs, water treatment facilities, electro-mechanical systems and sanitary protection zone;

2) Construction of a water transmission pipeline, approximately 7.5 Km in length, from Prigorod to Jalal-Abad and connection to the existing water distribution network in Jalal-Abad;

3) Jalal-Abad City Sewerage: Improvements include the construction of 4.5 km long sewer line from Prigorod connecting to the city network.

Bazar-Korgon Water Supply Improvements:

1) Drilling of two new tubewells, construction of an additional 3,000 cum water reservoir;

2) Rehabilitation of the 4.0 km long transmission pipe line from the existing water reservoir to the main network in Bazar-Korgon;