Control and supervision of the runway enlargement works at A Coruña Airport

The works involve extending the runway by 400 metres
Sector Airports (Transport)
CountrySpain (Europe)


The works involve extending the runway by 400 metres, this being planned on an embankment whose average height is 35 metres. The runway will be 45 m wide, with 7.5 m margins on either side. The strip associated with the runway will be 300 m wide (150 m on either side of its centreline) running for 60 m before each threshold. A flexible pavement will be used covering a surface area of about 30,000 m2 for the enlargement of the runway. In the zone beyond the airport site, the CP-3104 road will be relocated, because part of it will be destroyed as a result of the extension.

The restoration and rehabilitation of the elements listed as being of cultural interest and that appear in the Environmental Impact Statement, also fall within the scope of the activities. A series of preventive and corrective actions are planned where environmental matters are concerned, to minimise and/or rectify the effects of the actions on the environment.

The services consists of Construction Management in matters concerning execution, economic and quality control, coordinating health & safety, auditing aeronautical safety, as well as making sure that the deadlines are complied with and supporting the Management of the Report.