Belgrade city Road Bypass - Serbia

Supervision of Construction Works on Belgrade By-Pass, Section A, Batajnica - Dobanovci
Sector Roads (Transport)
CountrySerbia (Europe)


Eptisa carries out the works supervision of the section A of the Belgrade city Road Bypass construction. This section has a connection with the existing E75 at Batajnica which is on the western end of the city, and proceeds in the southern direction to join the existing E70 highway at the interchange at Dobanovci. The Works are constructed under two separate Works Contracts as follows:

Lot A1 - Design and Construction of "Batajnica" Interchange, 3.9 km long. Funded through European Investment Bank (EIB)

Lot A2 - Design and Construction of Motorway E75 alignment, 6.1km long. Funded through European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

The conditions of contract applied for the implementation of the works contracts are FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design Built (YELLOW Book), Edition 1999.